The C8

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8

The C8 at McCurley Integrity Chevrolet:

McCurley Integrity Chevrolet was honored to be the only Chevrolet dealer in the Pacific Northwest to host the C8 Mobile Tour on February 9th and 10th. Over 2000 people showed up from around the country to enjoy the sunshine, great food, and of course the incredible new C8 Corvette! Chevrolet also sent factory experts that helped show the car to prospective clients and enthusiasts, as well as answer any questions.

McCurley was also honored to host the Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington team for both days, led by Regional Director Angela Geiss. Thank You to all who contributed to this great cause!

McCurley Integrity Chevrolet Commitment to the C8

In order to ensure that new and prospective C8 owners enjoy the best possible experience, McCurley Integrity Chevrolet is investing in staff training to ensure that sales personnel, managers and technicians have special training tailored specifically for the C8.

To start, McCurley staff will be completing online courses and attend in-person training. The in-person portion takes place at the Spring Mountain Corvette Driving School in Pahrump, Nevada. There, McCurley staff will drive the new C8 Corvette, take part in classroom learning and compile product knowledge so they are well informed about the C8. Chevy requires that there must always be a Corvette specialist on a certified dealer’s staff.

In addition, the McCurley service department is required to buy a set of specialized tools to service the sports car.

McCurley Integrity Chevrolet is committed to making the entire experience of buying and owning the new generation of America’s sport car the best it can be.


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Waiting lists for C8, C8 Convertible, C8 Z06, and C8 ZR1

To put your name on a C8 waiting list, please contact Matt Price:

Office: (509) 544-6265

Cell: (509) 947-8246